Return Policy

RMA Policy The RMA terms and conditions for your NEXGEN LLC purchase are listed on the invoice.

All RMAs must have an NEXGEN issued RMA # indicated on the shipping label. Packages sent without an RMA #s indicated will be refused, without exception.

RMA #s are received by contacting technical support is the case of a technical defect or failure and customer service in the case of a mis-shipment or merchandise not being received in damaged condition.

RMA #s are valid for 30 days. Return merchandise must be received within that time.

Damaged shipments must be reported within 7 days of receipt.

RMAs must be returned properly packaged, preferably in original packaging. We are not responsible for any damage incurred by product in transit back to us. Shipper is responsible for properly insuring product to ensure against any damage or loss in transit. Failure to properly package product or insure product before transit may void any warranties on the product or render product nonreturnable, resulting in substantial loss to the shipper. Damage incurred during shipping is not covered under the warranty, which ensures against manufacturing defect and failures only. If fixable, damage in transit will incur repair charges including parts and labor. Shipper is strongly urged to exercise proper precaution and diligence when arranging for return shipment of product.

In the absence of a superceding agreement, all warranties are depot warranties. This means that upon receiving an authorization for a return, it is the customer's responsibility to transport any product back to NEXGEN for service at customer's expense. After performing any service, NEXGEN will arrange to return product back to customer at NEXGEN's expense.

RMA turn-around time is 5 business days from the time returned merchandise is received, to the time it is shipped back to the customer. Parts unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances may extend that time.

We reserve the right to substitute equal or better parts in the case of a warranty repair of product where the original parts are no longer available. In these cases the customer will incur no additional charge for the upgraded parts.

It is advisable to schedule any maintenance or upgrades at the same time that any warranty repairs would be undertaken so as to minimize transporting product and potential damage from shipping.

Please Note NEXGEN sells through different channels and our RMA policy extends only to our direct customers. Your rights and return policies may differ depending on the policies of your place of purchase and applicable state laws.

If you have purchased an NEXGEN through a reseller or another vendor, the terms of RMA are set by that seller and not by NEXGEN LLC. Refer to the place of purchase for RMA terms and conditions.